Giant Teddy Bears

Choose a cuddly teddy bear they will treasure for life. Our Selection of adorable giant teddy bears are perfect for your loved ones and come in two sizes, five lovely colours and customisable accessories.

When it comes to soft toys, as a rule, many people believe that they are bought exclusively for children. Indeed, any child is glad to have a new soft friend. Who said that an adult will be less happy if he is presented with such a gift?

In our teddy shop, you can choose a special bear for yourself, your loved one. Buy teddy bears in the UK can be absolutely for any holiday, as per a birthday, Valentine's Day, New Year. Sometimes for a long time, we can't think of anything worthwhile for our mother's birthday or for a wedding anniversary, but it's just worth giving a soft animal! And in the store in BigTed you can get a life size plush toy that will pleasantly surprise you.

Our customers get an affordable price and high quality that will please you. In addition, in the UK, you can receive an order from the online shop after a day. And we give you a guarantee that you will also get a lot of smiles, an excellent mood!

Remember that such a cute, soft gift can fit under each of the reasons!

A big teddy bear as a cute gift is able to please a girl, cause her positive emotions and a real children's delight. After all, he is the personification of childhood, love, and family comfort. And if it is better for children to give soft toys of medium and small sizes, then a big soft bear will suit a young girl as well as possible! Such a gift will be a vivid reminder of a loved one, and, in addition, it will be able to perform the function of a soft pillow, hugging which, the girl will easily and pleasantly fall asleep.

Life size white teddy bear

That is why so often young people resort to such surprises-gifts and strive to buy a life-size white teddy bear for their girlfriend. Very popular are soft toys big bears with a size of 7ft.

However, not only guys in love can give such a giant bear. Let's see who else such a gift is suitable for:

  • big bear for sleeping (with him or even on him!)
  • interior decoration with a huge defender
  • life size white teddy bear will be a good manifestation of love for both mom and grandma. They will be happy to receive such a bear and will remember their emotions of this day for a long time
  • The bear will become an interesting attribute of a cute photoshoot for a guy or for a girl

And there are many more options, it all depends on your imagination. And you can order a high-quality giant bear on our website.