Happy Teddy Bear Day

Happy Teddy Bear Day

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Teddy Bear Day is not just a holiday but a symbol that kindness, love, and childhood live in every heart. Here we will tell what is best to give and how to celebrate.

There's always at least one memory of your childhood that you cherish forever. 

Remember it?

A furry stuffed pal of yours that you used to pile on and took it everywhere you went. Yes, you're right; we are referring to that cute creature that accompanied you 24/7. 

Teddy Bear! 

Teddy bears, for most of us, hold a myriad of stories and memories. These adorable soft toys were the first friends we all had as we grew up and comforted us with innumerable cuddles and hugs when we needed them.

So, for love for these fuzzy bears, we have got a whole day to celebrate them! 

It is popularly celebrated as a national teddy bear day in the UK on 9 September every year to show love and gratitude to this furball. Teddy day is not just a holiday but a symbol of love, belongingness, and care that resides in every heart. 

Gifting a man-size teddy bear to your special one this teddy bear day can be a great way to celebrate this day. Surprising your loved one with a personalized teddy bear will not just help you in expressing your love, but you will give them companionship and a pal that can make them feel nostalgic and euphoric forever. 

Also, they are timeless and a perfect gift for your child. Unlike toys that contain harmful synthetic ingredients that can seriously harm a child's health, teddy bears are now being replaced with safe and ecologically friendly materials that not just make them environmentally friendly but also safe for your child's health. 

So, don't you think it's a time to say thank you to teddy bear sellers across the globe?

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History of Teddy Bear Day Celebration 

We all are so fond of bears but do you know where it all started? Well, the teddy bear you love has its own story. So let us tell you the history of the teddy bear

Rolling back the clock to around 119 years ago in 1902, Theodore Teddy Roosevelt, the then president of the US, went to Mississippi, where he denied shooting a defenceless bear cub. This incident was laid out across the country via national news. Additionally, it is believed that even a cartoon of the event was published in the Washington Post that year. 

After that, Morris Michtom, a store owner in New York, created a new toy after being inspired by the incident and penned down a letter to Mr. Roosevelt that the new toy would be called a "Teddy Bear" and after that, you know the rest!

With this exciting history, your favourite stuffed bear expanded like a fire, and there have been a lot of teddy bear manufacturers across the globe. People recognized these bears, and children began demanding them irrespective of their culture, religion, or other differences. 

Since then, we have seen them in many TV shows and movies that gave birth to many prominent characters like Paddington, Winnie-the-pooh, and others. 

You might be thinking these are mere toys that can be hugged and cuddled.


But you'll be amazed to know the benefits of having a teddy bear!

These creatures –

  • Promote emotional well-being
  • Ensure that you experience a sound sleep at night
  • Stimulate your imagination 
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem

Some Interesting Facts About Teddy Bears

  • Even before the invention of teddy bears, the term "bear hug" was coined in 1846 to describe a tight embrace.
  • Winnie-the-pooh, everyone's favourite bear, was based on a real bear!
  • Cheryl Moss of South Africa created the world's tiniest commercially available stitched teddy bear, which stands 0.29 inches tall.
  • The first teddy bear to space was Magellan T. Bear, who boarded Space Shuttle Discovery in 1995. It wasn't just a bear but went as an "educational specialist" on the mission, as a project for Colorado elementary school.

Teddy Bear Day Customs & Celebrations 

With a plethora of people worldwide going nuts over these super comfy giant teddy bears, there are many customs related to it, and we celebrate it with great enthusiasm. People are involved in many teddy bear day activities like teddy bear picnics, bear hunt, etc. 

Putting your thinking on how to celebrate Teddy Bear Day?

Well, you may consider these ways.

If you don't make much time for your teddy, consider cleaning them up and donating them to a charity for poor kids to celebrate Teddy bear Day. One of the exciting ways to celebrate is to visit the local zoo and learn more about how fascinating their lives are. Watching a teddy bear movie or TV show is also a great getaway with your kids. 

You can certainly buy a new teddy bear if you don't have one for yourself. Or to gift it to someone who is going to love it!

Your favourite mushy-eyed bear is available in many colours, materials and can also be personalized according to your needs. For example, Teddy day gifts might involve preparing handmade cookies and chocolates paired with your favourite coloured giant teddy or a teddy made up of cookies and nuts.

Summing it up, there are a lot more ways to celebrate this special day coupled up with many activities mentioned before, gifting teddies to each other, spending time with your beloved teddy, and much more. 

Every day we celebrate has its significance, and these chubby creatures also deserve one for sticking through the testing times!

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