Guide: How to care for your BigTed Bear

Guide: How to care for your BigTed Bear

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Discover how to care for your Bigted bear

Bigteds are very lovable and great fun to spend time with! As they are carefully made by hand using high-quality materials, they are guaranteed to give you years of joy. However, a well-loved Bigted may sometimes need some occasional maintenance! Bigteds love joining you on picnics, treehouse escapades or caring for you when you are far from home - so taking care of them in return is a pawsome thing to do!

But how? Do we put them in the washing machine? Clean them with a wet wipe? If you're not sure, don't worry! In this guide, we've put together everything you need to know about keeping your Big beloved friend in tip-top shape.

How to care for your teddy bear

Welcome Home!

As your brand new Bigted may have had a long journey to get to your home we recommend gently massaging the stuffing back into shape if necessary, especially on the face. A big hug will also make Bigted feel at home!

Cleaning - Washing machine is a No-Go for me!

Bigted is made from super-soft faux fur and polycotton stuffing. For decades, these materials have been used in the manufacture of soft toys and accessories because of its incomparable softness, resistance, durability, and warmth. Because the fibres are not from animal origin, our fluffy friends cannot be damaged by moth larvae. They naturally repel water and have antibacterial properties, which allows your cuddly bear to stay clean longer.

There are options other than the washing machine!

Should Bigted need a little spruce up after a big adventure we advise to clean the fur with a damp white cloth - a coloured cloth could transfer onto the fabric. You can then air dry Bigted in a drying bag on the washing line or use the "cool" setting on a hairdryer. Once dry, brush out the fur with a wide-toothed comb or clean pet brush.

Treat stains quickly

This makes it easier to get the stains out, rather than letting them set permanently. If your big teddy bear has a food stain you can blot it out with some warm water and a paper towel. If it is a more stubborn stain, then using a toothbrush, dab on a bit of gentle washing product like baby shampoo or washing up liquid and brush the marks off.

Dust - I love shakes

Give your Bigted bear a gentle shake and brush regularly; this will keep the dust away and it's lovely locks looking lush. Playing with your bears can help too, although nothing is more effective at removing dust than a regular vacuum cleaning. Remove any clothes or accessories first. Reduce the suction if possible and cover the end of the nozzle with fine gauze or tights. Gently vacuum your entire bear to restore back to glossy fur.

Storage - I enjoy cool dry places

If at some point you have to store your Bigted bear, never do so in plastic as it will not allow your bear to 'breathe', and can cause moisture to build and promote mould and dampness. We recommend using cotton, such as an old bedsheet, to make a nice breathable bear wrap. Wash the sheet and then rinse twice to remove any detergent residue. When dry cut the sheet to size and wrap your bear, add cedar shavings or cloves to repel bugs and keep bear smelling sweet, and store away from damp, dust and extremes in temperature. You could also use calico clothing bags or clean brown paper tied with string.

Sun - I love Sunny days but direct sunlight can damage my fur

Keep your bear out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the fur of your bear to fade - even if it's from across the room. Help Bigted keep his lustre by avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight and consider storing your teddy in a dark room when not in use. If you're worried about fading, consider having some clothes made for your bear - not only will it help keep the colour but it will also look super cute!

Love - We belong to each other

Bigted will be a treasured friend for life, the most important suggestion we can make is to remember to LOVE and ENJOY your bear's company. Should a hole or tear appear from all the love, fix it straight away before it gets worse! If you're not so handy with a sewing kit then take it to a specialist or a teddy bear hospital. A well cared for Bigted can be loved for years to come!

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